G2 Generation Green Bottle Cutter

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Be part of Crafting a Green World, it is easy with the new Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter.

Made from recycled aluminum, the g2 is lightweight and allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles.
Its 6 turreted cutting head means cutting longevity. Using the g2 Bottle Cutter you can turn old glass bottles and jars into glass sculptures, vases, lamps shades, votive holder or fashion anything you can imagine.
Removable glass cutter for straight cuts.
Produced by Diamond Tech Crafts
We highly recommend the g2 Bottle Cutter which we successfully use in all of our 'Glass Bottle Cutting for Beginners' workshops.
If you would like to attend one of our workshops please visit www.fancytat.org.uk/workshops for more details.
Workshop gift vouchers are also available via our Etsy shop. (Workshops take place in Rochester, Kent, UK)
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